“What is RV real estate”? It could be campsite lots in RV parks that “went condo” or a house that includes a big welcome home “garage for your motor home”. It's all about information for RV camping. The common theme, and our defining element:

                           Your RV on property you own.

We are a resource and focal point for all things related to RV real estate on the Internet. We are not in real estate like Century21. We neither broker nor handle the sales of real property. Look for other sites that will provide information about lots in private RV parks, campgrounds and property you can own, or a place to sell a an RV related property, you already own !   
This site includes pages of RV real estate information; a home for this topic. Help us make this site the first stop for those wishing to own, sell, or seek information about RV real estate. Add to our reservoir of knowledge with your contribution. We wish to earn your respect, and a following with interest in the operation of private parks, the regulations that impact RV property, as well as those just getting acquainted with real estate for the RV. 
Don't miss the “photos”. Help improve this web site with your photographs. As we change scenery and up date, your best, might just find it’s way to our “cover”.

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We are pleased to offer rv information about rv lots and rv campgrounds. Learn about rv living history of rv campsites, ownership in rv parks, what forums your rv online lifestyle might take, where Florida rv parks are located, what typical rv lots are like, about rv garages and other improvements, a new private campground guide, why we began with Florida campgrounds, answer some survey questions and show off your favorite rv photos. A new rv online lifestyle forum provides a place to ask questions from experienced full time rving owners or help with your special knowledge. RV links to other carefully selected web sites are included too. Look and enjoy. Visit our sister sites to get information for specific private Florida campgrounds or to become an rv trader.... buying or selling an rv property.

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