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RV Parks
Perhaps you have tired of paying seasonal rent with nothing to show for it? The kids are now at an age where a week end retreat would be a great thing for the family ? You retired and yearn for the freedom of the RV Lifestyle or a seasonal place in the sun ? There are many reasons you may have developed an interest in RV property. The most basic first decision is the selection of an RV park or real estate where you can use your RV. Parks vary greatly in size, cost, amenities, lifestyle, owner age, restrictions, and what you will be permitted to do with your "lot". This page explores some things you will want to consider as you begin your search.

RV Lot Selection
So you have decided to explore the purchase of real estate for your RV! This page will give you some information to consider as you search for your perfect spot. There are major differences in lots and parks as well as subdivided real estate where you can camp and enjoy your RV. Explore utilities, size and phases. Avoid future surprises that almost always cost you money. An RV real estate purchase has much in common with any real estate transaction and you want to be informed!

The improvements to an RV property can vary from a parking slab with some flowers to a single family home that features a garage for your RV. This page explores the improvements made to the typical RV lot and  the impact of the "rules" set out by the developer and modified over time, that govern what can be built. Park Models, Park Trailers, pitfalls and basics are addressed.

Buying or selling an RV property may be easy or difficult depending on the location, economy and the practices of the RV park or subdivision where it is located. This page explores why, when you are looking for an RV lot,  you may have a hard time even knowing an RV park exists.  You will better understand why sellers often have their RV real estate languish on the market when in fact there are many would-be buyers that  would like to have a look ! They simply can't find what you wish to sell!

Before you click away take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with how you might own (hold) your RV real estate. While RV ads often show  the lone RV at lakes edge, the reality is that for most of us, camping on our own lot will be a community affair. Most RV properties are found in RV parks. We explore condo, co-ops, long term leases and more. Know and understand what you are being offered as you search the available market. A lease might be a good deal.  Why did the developer decide to make it a Co-op? Perhaps you will find some needed answers here?

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